GURUKUL Education

                                                                 GURUKUL The destination to success

The Gurukul is the brainchild of people passionate about children and their development. This was further conceived and conceptualised to merge the ancient ‘gurukula’ system with the emerging trends of the modern-day education system.

Gurukul has classes from 11th Std. to Graduation. It strives to provide a safe and secure environment for children to form a bond with the staff. This encourages them to  learn and grow, based on their respective level, pace, and interest.

Gurukul’s distinct tradition, culture, and spirit of innovation, provides a fertile learning field. In an inclusive environment, Gurukul is a home of learning to children of varying abilities and aptitudes, all met with personalised attention.

Some Unique Features of Gurukul :

  • Children are given ‘hands-on’ experience in various Practical work activities including working independently Companies and client work.
  • The time-table caters for a supervised homework programme within the institute hours which encourages ‘self study’.

At Gurukul, we believe that the best education is one:

  • that inspires children with the desire to explore and learn; one that suggests, rather than preaches
  • where children are encouraged to become both independent and interdependent learners, with a strong spirit for collaboration
  • which creates a stress-free environment, encouraging children to approach everyday challenges with optimism and fortitude.